The Benefits of Knowing & Understanding

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It is rumoured that the ‘THE LOOKOUT‘ is not only an expert at spotting potential icebergs but also at understanding that they can be the perfect combination if added to a single malt whisky! We all know (or do we?) that both knowledge and understanding provides businesses with a clear competitive advantage which encourages their people to share, collaborate, learn, innovate and push the boundaries?

In a ‘Top of The Pops’ style, here are the top 10 benefits of knowing and understanding:

  1. Enabling better and faster decision making
  2. Making it easy to find relevant information and resources
  3. Avoiding making the same mistakes twice
  4. Taking advantage of existing expertise and experience
  5. Communicating important information widely and quickly
  6. Promoting standard, repeatable processes and procedures
  7. Providing methods, tools, templates, techniques, and examples
  8. Accelerating delivery to customers
  9. Making the organization’s best problem-solving experiences reusable
  10. Stimulating innovation and growth

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