Talent Management


LOOKOUT! provides a flexible and innovative approach to Talent Management and offers a range of services including:

— Search & Selection

— Psychometric Assessment

— Personnel Management

Our services are tailored to individual client requirements and we offer an innovative approach to fees that can be particularly beneficial for SMEs and New Technology Start-Ups.

With almost 30 years’ experience we have an enviable track record in the following industrial sectors:

— Engineering

— Automotive

— Speciality Chemicals

— Materials Handling

— Plastics

— Industrial Coatings

— Oil & Gas

— Specialist Materials

— Aerospace

Our expertise covers the following management functions:

— Manufacturing

— Technical

— Sales

— Marketing

— Supply Chain

— HR

— Finance

— R&D

— Engineering

Off Limits Policy:


LOOKOUT!’s Off Limits policy is quite clear and unequivocal.

If we are working with your organisation, the whole of your organisation is off-limits

What does this mean?

It means we do not approach any of your employees for another position elsewhere, irrespective of whether we have introduced them to you or not.

As we enjoy long standing and continuing relationships with all our clients, Off Limits really does mean Off Limits!


Search & Selection

LOOKOUT!’s success in completing search assignments is characterised by the following:

— The attention to detail we apply at the briefing stage. Gaining an in-depth understanding of your business is a crucial part of the hiring process. Meeting and building relationships with your senior executives and managers (whether or not they are directly involved in the hiring decision) is key to us gaining this understanding. Advising on the viability of the reward package that you intend to offer is also a key part of the initial briefing process.

— Challenging your assumptions about the post you are seeking to fill. We are not doubting you know what you want, but operating outside of your business we bring objectivity and are a great sounding board for business owners and directors.

— Original research is undertaken for each assignment. In addition, we utilise our extensive network of contacts across the industry sectors in which we have expertise.

— All candidates are thoroughly screened and interviewed before they are included on a shortlist.

— Treating candidates with the respect they deserve and managing their expectations is also key throughout the process. We are an extension of your organisation and one of the factors that will influence whether a candidate accepts your offer will be their perception of how they have been treated at each stage of the process.

— With all of the above in mind, it is no surprise many of our candidates have subsequently become clients.


Psychometric Assessment

To test or not to test? Opinion remains divided on the value of psychometric assessment.

If you doubt its value, it may be that you have received bad advice on what to use, or the wrong tools have been used in the wrong context.

Advocates of psychometric assessment appreciate its value in selecting, retaining and developing talent.

The LOOKOUT! team has over 45 years’ experience in using psychometric instruments in a number of settings:

— Recruitment

— Management Development

— Career Management

We use only the most established and thoroughly researched instruments with the appropriate levels of reliability and validity, and we will work closely with your leadership team to identify the right instruments for the right setting.


Personnel Management

Owners / Managing Directors of SMEs often do not have the resources in-house to deal with personnel issues and frequently have to react to problems after they have occurred.

The LOOKOUT! team delivers proactive personnel management that will enable your business to maximise the potential of your staff without employing a full-time Personnel Manager.

Clearly defined processes and procedures will also help with personnel development and retention. We can assist with initiatives that empower, inspire and reward employees for their contribution.

Our team will work with you, either on a retained or project basis, covering the full range of personnel services:

— Employment Contracts

— Terms and Conditions

— Grievance and Disciplinary

— Absence Management

— Compensation and Benefits

— Appraisals

— Performance Management