LOOK OUT! Services

“Everyone should have their own lookout” (Anon) – Lookouts’ have helped countries conquer one another, ships avoid disaster and of course Michael Caine execute the infamous Italian Job, (although we think he should have had one helping to plot and execute his escape route!!)

In terms of our services, the following provides you with an idea of what we provide to our clients but it is probably best to give us a call and we can pop round for a brew to have a chat about how we could ‘look out’ for you. 

Industry - reports, monitoring and analysis.
LOOKOUT! has significant expertise in designing, developing and producing reports for industry, which can be utilised as engagement tactics with key stakeholders.

An example of our work is the inaugural POWER-GEN Europe Confidence Index in 2015. This is a report we produced under our former name AccuSearch, which provides a comprehensive outlook on the European Power market. The success of the report has seen LOOKOUT! be retained to produce an updated POWER-GEN Europe Confidence Index report. This will be available from September 2016.

Market - intelligence, reports, research & segmentation.
The LOOKOUT! team are vastly experienced in undertaking market analysis for clients who have wanted to gain further insights into the markets which they currently operate in or markets which they are considering expanding into.

An example of this work is a market feasibility report for an Australian organisation who wanted to launch into the European market. This confidential report provided a detailed breakdown of the market, utilising both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, supported by secondary research, to provide further clarity on to the feasibility of the opportunity.

Stakeholder - analysis, mapping, engagement.
Understanding an organisations stakeholder groups, their behaviours and attitudes has never been more critical. The LOOKOUT! team have significant experience of working with companies to undertake analysis of their stakeholder groups. We work with them to undertake further analysis, such as segmentation, to provide a greater understanding of their stakeholder groups and to ultimately improve their relationships.

LOOKOUT! has undertaken a number of stakeholder projects for clients, the details of which, as you would appreciate, have to remain confidential.

Competitor - analysis & benchmarking.
Competitor monitoring is becoming an even more critical activity for companies to undertake markets become more diverse and fragmented and with the diversification of existing competitors and the emergence of new non-traditional competitors.

LOOKOUT! has undertaken a number of competitor projects for clients, which as you would appreciate we cannot disclose.

Customer - segmentation, loyalty/satisfaction, archetypes, CRM, customer journey.

Understanding your customers, and customer advocates, is highly critical to aid both tactical and strategic decision making. The LOOKOUT! team has extensive experience in both B2B and B2C environments of undertaking research projects to provide enhanced understanding of customers’ behaviour.

An example of our work that was delivered as AccuSearch was working for Hilton Hotels and their Hilton Racing brand where we undertook a review of their Hilton Racing / Hilton HHonors membership. The analysis of their 25,000 members included socio-demographic analysis and the identification and reporting of their behavioural patterns.

Employees – internal audits, morale and loyalty / satisfaction.

Understanding employees feelings and attitudes towards specific projects or to the business as a whole is an important sense check that is often ignored in modern day business. The LOOKOUT! team has extensive experience of designing, developing and undertaking highly sensitive projects for clients on a variety of projects from the strategic direction of a business, opinions on brand identity changes and employee morals.

LOOKOUT! has undertaken a number of employee projects, which as you would appreciate we cannot disclose.