Research / Insights


Below is a brief description of the range of services we provide. However, every client has a particular set of needs and requirements, and all of our work is bespoke. It is therefore best to give us a call and we can pop round for a brew to have a chat about how we could ‘look out’ for you.

Industry – reports, monitoring and analysis

LOOKOUT! has expertise in designing, developing and producing reports for industry, which can be utilised as part of a stakeholder engagement programme.

Market – intelligence, reports, research & segmentation

We have significant experience in undertaking market analysis for clients who want to gain further insights into the markets in which they currently, or wish to operate.

Stakeholder – analysis, mapping, engagement

Understanding an organisation’s stakeholder groups, their behaviours and attitudes has never been more critical. The LOOKOUT! team has significant experience of working with companies to undertake analysis and segmentation, to provide greater understanding of their stakeholder groups and ultimately improve their relationships.

Competitor – analysis & benchmarking

Competitor monitoring is becoming an even more critical activity for businesses. Markets are becoming more diverse and fragmented, with the diversification of existing competitors and the emergence of new non-traditional competitors.

Customer – segmentation, loyalty/satisfaction, archetypes, CRM, customer journey

Understanding your customers and customer advocates is highly critical to aid both tactical and strategic decision making. The LOOKOUT! team has extensive experience in both B2B and B2C environments in undertaking research projects to provide enhanced understanding of customer behaviours and motivations.

Employees – internal audits, morale and loyalty / satisfaction

Understanding employees’ feelings and attitudes towards specific projects or to the business as a whole is an important sense check that is often overlooked. The LOOKOUT! team has extensive experience of designing, developing and undertaking highly sensitive projects for clients on a variety of projects from the strategic direction of a business, opinions on brand identity changes and employee satisfaction, loyalty and morale.