Modern War Fair is Won by Rifles and not Machine Guns

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Sorry for the silence in September, that was due to me spending most of my time working with our new Political Risk super-agent Tomas, but now he is safely on board, I can get back to what I do best and tap away at my keyboard at the top of my mast!

This month I wanted to talk about agility – but not agility as in that stuff which athletes tend to have, but agility in business.

It’s fair to say that the pace, variety and unpredictability of global change is like never before! And businesses’ ability to identify and respond to change has never been more critical – as failure to do so is likely to result in instant death!

And without wanting to sound like a salesman (that is not in my job description!), there has never been a more important time to understand the markets you operate in, the customers you serve (and want to serve) and of course your competitors (though increasingly it won’t be your natural competitors who put you out of business – just ask Kodak and BlackBerry!

However, whilst a lot of business leaders will recognise this, their investment can at times resemble more of a mad man with a machine gun than a professional sniper who is locked on to specific targets. Just like data and insights can help you win the battle, they can also, in the wrong hands or deployed in the wrong way, cause you severe problems.

We will be running a workshop later this year in Manchester on Business Agility, and to register for interest please email Niki at

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