Modern Day Fighting No Longer Requires Bullets, Just Stats and Bullshit

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Well, for the last few days I have to say I have been hiding! Not just for the fun of it and not necessarily due to the BREXIT result – however it is in some ways to do with the BREXIT campaign – as in my opinion this has cast such an undesirable shadow over the work of market researchers, statisticians and economists.

I am not going to get into the result, there are enough people having their say about that, but quite honestly the data, stats and intel which both camps used are what cause me embarrassment. 

Whilst it is not new to use stats to make arguments, the amount of fabricated data in this campaign is unparalleled. And I have to say it leaves me feeling thoroughly pissed off, and very much of the opinion that people who manufacture data without substance, and without adhering to legislation and proper guidelines should be made to walk the plank, as in the good old days!

At LOOKOUT! we completely condone the production of this kind of rubbish, and we will be raising this when we get together with the good old folks at the Market Research Society.

Meanwhile, in these uncertain times and as we very much enter uncharted waters there has never been a more crucial time to have a lookout, looking out for you. We can help you understand the impact of this on your business, and provide you with the insights to ensure you keep out of these choppy waters.

Keep safe, people!

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