An interview with Eugene, founder of LOOKOUT!

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March 2016: An interview with Eugene Tansey, Project Director and Owner of LOOKOUT!

Eugene, please tell us how LOOKOUT! was born?

“For 30+ years, I have worked in Management and Executive recruitment, and for the last 25 years I have successfully run my own consultancy. During that time, I have worked closely with business leaders to help them define what they are really after from their new recruits, then helping find the right person for their businesses. And in doing so, it has also been vital to ensure that the business is the right fit for the candidate.

Several years ago, I established AccuSearch as I could see an opportunity to recruit high calibre research specialists and strategic consultants to help business owners solve problems and help them seek new opportunities.

It’s fair to say AccuSearch grew well through referrals from people I have known for years, and which saw us undertake projects for clients such as Hilton Hotels, but it’s also true that we were not very good at shouting about ourselves. Having spent some time with the team, LOOKOUT! was born, and a move from the Cheshire countryside to Manchester city centre was completed with the commencement of several new collaborations with universities in the city.”

Why did you choose LOOKOUT! as a name?

“We ran an internal project, which the strategic consultants and researchers worked together on, and the brand name, positioning and identity were all of their work, based on feedback from our current and past clients and the approach that we have. I really hope that people like the identity as we are immensely proud of it, and whilst we do try and have some fun with it, when it comes to our work we are very serious at delivering fantastic, game changing, quality work.”

What is your specific role within the business?

“My role is primarily split into three elements. First, and utilising my extensive recruitment experience, I am responsible for recruiting the team of research specialists. Currently we have just over 20, but our focus is to get this number closer to 50, with specialists covering all continents.

Secondly, I am responsible for working with closely with our project managers and clients to ensure all projects are delivered on time and in line with their brief and expectations.

And thirdly, and perhaps quite obviously is to grow the business, but not just win new clients, but to establish collaborations with other businesses to grow our capabilities and service offering. The role of market research and insights has changed significantly over the last 10 years, and I believe the changes are only going to become more significant as the digital and physical worlds become more connected and interdependent.”

Talking of research, how do you see the research world changing in the future?

“That is a great question, and one which would take far too long to answer! However we will be launching a number of training workshops and webinars later this years to provide us with a medium to share our opinions and thoughts on how the research world will change and what businesses must consider. We will also be establishing a working group of experts who will be developing new offerings, one of which will be called Dynamic Research, which will be launched in the next few months.”

What are you working on at the moment?

As I am sure you can appreciate a lot of our projects are confidential, but we have active projects in the automotive, power, tourism sectors and continue to work with investors on feasibility studies for new ventures and acquisitions.

What are your objectives for the next 12 months?

Well, the last two years have been the busiest two of our history. We are growing at a significant rate, but with the way our business is structured that is not a problem! But our aspirations are split into three areas – continue to grow the team and expand our capabilities; keep growing the number of clients and projects we are working on, but most importantly keep on delivering high value, insight led works that help our clients improve their businesses.”

Thanks Eugene, we wish you all the best

Thank you, you too, and remember you are always welcome to pop round for a brew!

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